This is my first blog ever...I've never written any sort of blog and don't consider myself a writer at all, but thought it would be fun to occasionally share some things I've worked on recently in the floral world.

Let me back up a bit. I've done flowers for various events for about 16 years or more, but I would only take on a few events each year, because I was focused on my career as a mother and homeschooler. As my children are older now, and don't require minute by minute attention, some good friends encouraged me to pursue my floral design work more intentionally.  Kaitie Bryant, my friend, and also AMAZING photographer also encouraged me in this pursuit. I'm beyond grateful and humbled by their encouragement and HELP.

Thus, this website, designed by the super gifted Latetia Vernelson of Haiku born. onto The Not Wedding:

Even before this website launched, Kaitie Bryant asked me if I would be interested in doing the floral design for the first Athens, Ga, Not Wedding event. I sent Callie, the founder of the Not Wedding, a little info. about myself and a few photographs. She called and said, "YES" immediately. I hung up the phone and felt a rush of joy, nervousness, and plain panic. I couldn't do this event without being fully prepared. I wasn't nervous about doing the floral design, but about having everything ready to get my name out there, launch my website, etc. But, it all came together beautifully, thanks again to Latetia Vernelson of Haiku

A blog on the Not Wedding site about the first Athens Not Wedding is coming soon,  but in the mean time, check out some fabulous photos taken by Elle Golden Photography, From the Hip, and Kaitie Bryant Photography that showcases the floral work I did for this fun and crazy event:


This event was a unique avenue to showcase some of my floral work, but it was also crazy fun to attend. There were so many talented vendors displaying their craft. I told my friends that weddings today are NOT like our parents' or even our weddings were. There are so many creative ways to reflect the personality and style of the couple. On a creative, stylistic side of things, I wanted to use a mix of traditional red roses (red corazon roses opened so perfectly), delicate anemones (red with dark purple centers), thistle (which is a personal favorite), and white veronica along with seeded eucalyptus that creates a touch of whimsy, so as not to be too formal. I wanted to add a touch of something funky, after all, we are in Athens, so the dark purple artichokes did the job quite nicely. I was beyond pleased that the attendants' dresses were that beautiful grey. The bouquets just popped next them. I was also excited to do something a little different than I've done before. That's the joy of doing floral design--I get to create something different and special for every single bride and/or event.  Check out this video filmed by Incer Studios Films to see more about this fabulous event.